Bai Hu Tang Patient (Bai Hu Tang)


😎 Introducing Boncho Character!
- Bai Hu Tang Patient

Bai Hu Tang
(White Tiger Decoction)

Formulas that Clear Heat

Blazing Heat In the Yang Ming Channel Stage

1) Clear Heat
2) Purge Fire
3) Nourish Yin

1) Cold.
2) Fever with desire for warmth.
3) Thirst with no desire to drink.
4) Mental impairment

💗Tongue & Pulse:
Red, Yellow, Dry
(Hong) Flooding, (Shi) Full or (Hua) Slippery, (Shuo) Rapid

Shi Gao
Zhi Mu
Jing Mi
Zhi Gan Cao

💗Find it inside 83 and 162 Formulas Deck💗

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