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Boncho Friends

PRE-ORDER: Acupuncture Set

PRE-ORDER: Acupuncture Set

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Acupuncture Set Includes...

  • 361 Points Deck (12 Meridians, Du & Ren)
    • Unique Boncho Icons to help you remember more easily!
  • 40 EX Points Deck
  • Boncho Icons Acupuncture Theory Deck

*NOTE: All Acupuncture Decks Come in One Box

    • Acupuncture Set Chinese Characters Companion Book ($99 Value)
      • Explanations for the Chinese characters behind the acupuncture point names.
    • BETA version access to Boncho School (ETA March 2023)
    • Three Years of Boncho School Subscription once Boncho School officially launches ($299.97 Value)
        • Herbology Information
        • Acupuncture Information
        • Video Content
        • Boncho Comics
        • Boncho Newsletter
        • Downloadable Posters
        • Boncho Icon Study Tools
        • Practice Test
      • BONUS: All pre-orders get 2 Additional Year subscriptions to Boncho School ($199.98 Value)
    *Product design and specifications are subject to change.
    Front side includes...
    1. Visualization image
    2. Acupuncture point
    3. Chinese character
    4. Pin Yin name
    5. English name
    6. Special characteristic Icons 
    7. Meridian
    *Product design and specifications are subject to change.
    Back side includes...
    1. Visualization image
    2. Location info & Visualized Icon
    3. Function info & Visualized Icons
    4. Method info & Visualized Icon
    5. Caution/Contraindication

    Boncho School - Acupuncture Information 

    • The Meaning behind the Chinese Characters

    • Easy and Simple Visualized Icons for the special characteristics of each acupuncture point


    *Reference: Cheng, Xinnong, ed. Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 3rd ed. Seventeenth Printing 2016. Beijing: Foreign Languages Press, 2009. Deadman, Peter, Mazin Al-Khafaji, Keven Baker. A Manual of Acupuncture. 2nd ed. East Sussex, England: Journal of Chinese Medicine Publications, 2007.
    Keywords: Acupuncture Point Cards, Acupuncture Flashcard, Acupuncture Study Cards, TCM Study Cards, Acupuncture Board Exam

    *These cards are for secondary educational purposes only. Please refer to the source materials for the most accurate information. 
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