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Boncho Friends

Herbology Set (NCCAOM & CALE)

Herbology Set (NCCAOM & CALE)

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All Decks Come in One Box

Herbology Set includes....

  • 271 Herbs Deck¬†(for CALE and NCCAOM)

    • Front
      1. Single herb category icon: Quickly identify the herb's category.
      2. Pin Yin: Chinese phonetic transcription of the herb's name.
      3. English name: Herb's name in English.
      4. Herb character: Hand-drawn character representing the herb.
      5. Dosage: Recommended dosage or usage instructions.
      6. Functions: Uncover the primary therapeutic functions and benefits of the herb.
      7. Caution and contraindications: Essential information regarding potential risks or limitations.
      8. Boncho icons: Symbolic representations of taste, channels, and other relevant herb properties.
      9. Numbers in alphabetical order: Convenient reference for locating herbs alphabetically.


With all these details at your disposal on the front side of each single herb card, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of each herb.
    • ¬†Back -¬†Herb Character
  • 162 Formulas Deck (for CALE and NCCAOM)

    • Front
Pinyin Name
English Name
Formula Type in Icon (Lquid/Powder/Pills)
Category Icon
Formula Cartoon to Help with Memorization
Caution and Contraindications
Tongue & Pulse
    • Back
Formula ingredients with grams
Herb characters
Category icons
Temperature icons
- Jun (Sovereign) / Chen (Minister) / Zuo (Assistant) / Shi (Envoy)


    • Boncho Icons Herb Theory Deck
      • Boncho Icons 16¬†¬†Formula Categories:¬†
    → Front: Category Icon & Category Information
    → Back: formula list 
      • Boncho Icons 30¬†Herb¬†Categories:¬†
    → Front: Category Icon & Category Information
    → Back: herb list
      • 3 Herb Characteristic Cards:
    → Taste & Taste Icon Card
    → Temperature & Temperature Icon Card
    → Hierarchy & Formulation Method Card

    See how you can use the Herb Theory Cards [HERE]


    • Shorten the studying time for¬†TCM students who are preparing for the Board Exam.¬†
    • Great review set for practitioners who want to brush up herbology.¬†
    • Simple, easy, and fun way to carry them around with you anywhere!


    *162 Formulas list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM.  
    *271 single herbs list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM. 
    *Reference: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Bensky. Chinese Herbal Medicine, Formulas & Strategies, Bensky. 

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    These cards are for secondary educational purposes only. Please refer to the source materials for the most accurate information. 
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