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NCCAOM Herbology Bundle Set

NCCAOM Herbology Bundle Set

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In December 2022

NCCAOM Herbology Bundle Set includes....

  • 162 Formulas Study Card Deck - 162 Herbal Formula Cards - 162 Formulas Deck Includes all formulas for CALE (83 Formulas) and NCCAOM. 
  • 271 Single Herbs - 271 Single Herb Cards
  • Boncho Icon Memory Card Deck - 50 Herb Theory Cards

Use your 271 Single Herb Cards and start matching with Boncho Herb Theory Cards. You can now match single herbs to your formula cards!

*162 Formulas list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM.  *271 single herbs list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM. *Reference: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Bensky. Chinese Herbal Medicine, Formulas & Strategies, Bensky.

* Discount codes will not apply for all pre-orders

These cards are for secondary educational purposes only. Please refer to the source materials for the most accurate information. 
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