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[NEW, Box Damage] Acupuncture Set Plus Size

[NEW, Box Damage] Acupuncture Set Plus Size

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NEW - Box Damage

Despite the box imperfections, the contents remain untouched and in new condition!

*Final Sale


Introducing the Acupuncture Set, an all-in-one package that includes the Acupuncture Box (with 500+ cards).

Acupuncture Set Includes...

1. Acupuncture Box (Includes 500 + cards) 
  • 361 Points Deck: Acupuncture Points of 12 Main Meridians, Du Mai, Ren Mai

  • 40 Extra Points Deck

    1. An Mian
    2. Ba Feng
    3. Ba Xie
    4. Bai Chong Wo
    5. Bai Lao
    6. Bi Tong
    7. Bi Zhong
    8. Dan Nang Xue
    9. Ding Chuan
    10. Er Bai
    11. Er Jian
    12. He Ding
    13. Hua Tuo Jia Ji
    14. Huan Zhong
    15. Jia Cheng Jiang
    16. Jian Qian
    17. Jin Jin Yu Ye
    18. Lan Wei Xue
    19. Luo Zhen
    20. Pi Gen
    21. Qian Zheng
    22. Qiu Hou
    23. Shang Lian Quan
    24. Shi Qi Zhui Xia
    25. Shi Xuan
    26. Si Feng
    27. Si Shen Cong
    28. Tai Yang
    29. Wei Guan Xia Shu
    30. Xi Yan
    31. Yao Qi
    32. Yao Tong Xue
    33. Yao Yan
    34. Yi Ming
    35. Yìn Tang
    36. Yu Yao
    37. Zhong Kui
    38. Zhong Quan
    39. Zhou Jian
    40. Zi Gong Xue
    • Boncho Icons: Acupuncture Theory Deck
    • 5 Shu Points (Jing-well, Ying- spring, Shu-stream, Jing-river and He-sea)
    • 4 Sea Points (Qi, Blood, Marrow, Digestion)
    • Front Mu/Back Shu Points
    • Entry/Exit Points
    • Mother/Child Points
    • Master & Coupled Points
    • Muscle Meridian
    • Lower He Sea Points
    • Command Points
    • Hui Influential Points
    • Ghost Points
    • Xi Cleft Points
    • Lou Connecting Points
    • Yuan Source Points
    • Sky Window Points
    • Boncho Icons Card 
    • BONUS Set 1: Diseases and Acupuncture Points Prescription Cards 
    • BONUS Set 2: Big Picture Cards

    [ 361 Points Deck ]

    Front side includes...
    1. Visualization of the acupuncture point
    2. A color-coded border is used to illustrate the five elements of each meridian. 

       For example, the five elements of the Lung meridian are: Metal (white), Water (blue), Wood (green), Fire (red), and Earth (yellow). A border could be created using these colors to indicate the five elements of the Lung meridian.

    3. Acupuncture Point
    4. Chinese Character
    5. English name
    6. Pin Yin Name
    7. Meridian (color-coded)
    8. Special Characteristics. (Five Shu Points, Mother (+)/Child Point (-), Hui Meeting Point, Yuan Source Point, Command Point, Master Point, Sky Window Point, and more.)

    Back side includes...
    1. Needle Method
    2. Needle Insertion Depth in Cun
    3. Visualization of the acupuncture points
    4. Acupuncture Location
    5. Function
    6. Indications
    7. Caution/Contraindication
    8. Boncho Icons to help you visualize the info and make it easier to remember.


    [ Boncho Icons Acupuncture Theory Deck ]



    *Reference: Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 3rd ed. Cheng, Xinnong. A Manual of Acupuncture. 2nd ed. Deadman, Peter
    Keywords: Acupuncture Point Cards, Acupuncture Flashcard, Acupuncture Study Cards, TCM Study Cards, Acupuncture Board Exam

    *These cards are for secondary educational purposes only. Please refer to the source materials for the most accurate information. 
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