Professor Lily Bulb (Bai He) (Bai He Gu Jin Tang)

Introducing Boncho Character:

Professor Lily Bulb

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☕️Bai He Gu Jin Tang (Lily Bulb Decoction To Preserve The Metal)


Lung And Kidney Yin Deficiency


1. Nourish the Yin

2. Moisten the Lungs

3. Transform phlegm

4. Stop coughing


Coughing with blood-streaked sputum, wheezing, a dry and sore throat, hot palms and soles, night sweats


1. Spleen Deficiency

2. Food Stagnation

3. Not For Patients With Exterior Conditions


Jun: Sheng Di Huang (6g)

Jun: Shu Di Huang (9g)

Chen: Mai Men Dong (6g)

Chen: Bai He (3g)

Chen: Chuan Bei Mu (3g)

Zuo: Xuan Shen (3g)

Zuo: Dang Gui (3g)

Zuo: Bai Shao (3g)

Shi: Gan Cao (3g)

Shi: Jie Geng (2.4g)

⭐️ Preparation: Good for patients receiving Chemo/Radiation therapy. Good for menopause.

🗂️Category: Formulas that Tonify 


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