Boncho Ambassadors

🌿🌸 About Boncho Ambassador🌸🌿

Every year, we choose Boncho Ambassadors to spread awareness and promote the importance of acupuncture, herbs, and Eastern Asian medicine! 

- FAQ -

Q: What is a Boncho Ambassador?

A: As a way to celebrate and honor those who are passionate about acupuncture and herbs, we launched the Boncho Ambassador campaign. Every year we select Boncho Ambassadors to provide our tools in support of their journey as a practitioner! As a Boncho Ambassador, your mission is to help spread the benefits of acupuncture and herbs to the world, and once an ambassador you retain the title for life! Please note, you are not obligated with us to do anything in particular as an ambassador, our main purpose for doing this is to honor YOU and support your journey!

Q: How often do you select Boncho Ambassadors?

A: Boncho Ambassadors are selected once a year, and as a welcome package they receive Boncho products such as Boncho study cards as a welcome gift to help spread the fun of studying acupuncture and herbal medicine! Boncho Ambassadorship role is very limited at this time, and therefore we will not be selecting more ambassadors until next Spring. If you are interested in becoming an ambassador in the future, please apply when we announce the new openings in Spring every year! Thank you!

Meet our 2023 Boncho Ambassadors!

[2023 Boncho Ambassador Contest]

Meet our 2022 Boncho Ambassadors!

2022 Boncho Amabassador (Miranda)
Meet Miranda! 🌿❤️😊
She grew up spending a lot of time outdoors in northern Idaho. She loves animals of every kind and she loves to travel. She always knew she wanted to work in the field of medicine, helping others. When she began her journey in holistic medicine, it was life changing ✨ She is currently a first year student at Wongu University of Oriental Medicine in Las Vegas, Nevada, where she is working towards a masters degree in TCM. She has high hopes of having her own practice and healing retreat someday 🤍
2022 Boncho Ambassador (Mads)
Meet Mads! 🌿❤️😊
She is getting her Masters of Acupuncture with Chinese Herbal Medicine Specialization graduating this fall from Texas Health and Science University. Her goal is to become a licensed acupuncturist with a specialty in herbs and uterine body health. She is so excited to be an Ambassador with Boncho Friends because she believes that everyone deserves easier ways to comprehend all of these amazing TCM herbs! She states “Herbs are our friends, not our enemies. It truly is amazing the plethora of ways herbs can heal our bodies. Come along for the journey while I learn these beautiful TCM herbs with Boncho Friends, prepare for the boards, and TCM health :)”
2022 Boncho Amabassador (Mason)
Meet Mason!🌿❤️😊
He is a pretty crazy guy with a pretty crazy past but he wouldn’t change any of it for the world. Life’s too short to regret a single thing and he’ll ensure to give you his most genuine and sincere energy as he possibly can. He studies TCM, practices taiji, teaches qigong, read philosophy and promotes positive self-dialogue affirmations. His hobbies include digital designing, painting, editing videos, karaoke-ing, and partying with his friends on the weekends.
2022 Boncho Ambassador (Gianna)
Meet Gianna! 🌿❤️😊
Gianna is currently a Reiki practitioner and doctoral student of Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine, attending Pacific College of Health and Science in San Diego. She has a particular interest in classical 5 element acupuncture and enjoys herbs so much that she started making her own herbal tea blends. She also enjoys yoga and meditation, traveling, and being a mother to her plants and two fur babies.
2022 Boncho Ambassador (Kirstin)
Meet Kirstin!🌿❤️😊
Kirstin is a first year student of Acupuncture and East Asian medicine at Pacific College of Health and Science in NYC. She was introduced to this medicine at a young age and became engulfed in the intrinsic idea that touch alone can heal. She states ”The interconnectedness between our body, mind and spirit has become a vital aspect in my approach to healing, as has the awareness of our relationship with the earth and how we can utilize parts of nature to help regain balance and harmony within.” She truly loves that this medicine takes on a multi-dimensional approach towards healing, and she feels eager and honored to be in a continuous state of expansion with all of the wisdom and knowledge that comes from Acupuncture and East Asian Medicine teachings and practices. She is excited for this journey, and is humbled to be here ✨
2022 Boncho Ambassador (Diane)
Meet Diane! 🌿❤️😊
She is currently in the last year of her DACM program in California. She has a bachelors in Psychology and enjoys playing with makeup. Herbology has always been her weakest subject, as she’s sure it is for many, but she looks forward to showing everyone how Boncho Friends can help make learning these herbs better & more fun.