About Us

Master BonOMD Cho

Master Bon & OMD Cho

We are a team of two who established Boncho Friends to help study acupuncture and herbs. I'm Bora, currently practicing acupuncture as an L.Ac and Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM) in California. Isaac is the genius artist behind all the drawings! While studying for Chinese herbs, we found that single herbs and herbal formulas were way too hard to memorize. We closely looked into the problem and found a solution! I started to organize all the information and Isaac started to draw each herb as a character, bringing herbs to life and creating icons for each property to help visualize TCM concepts. Together we tried to make simple and easy to use single herb and formula study cards for acupuncture and herbal medicine students. Hopefully we can make it easier than ever to learn about single herbs and herbal formulas!

The Meaning of Boncho

Boncho has a double meaning for us. First, it means Medicinal Herb in Korean (본초). Second, it has two words that represent our philosophy: Bon (본) (本) means foundation, or root, to represent our desire to build a good foundation, holding true to the basis, root, and origin of Oriental Medicine. Cho (초) (初) means beginning, start, or inception to represent our desire to always stay true to why we started this company: to help those who are helping others to become healthier and happier.