Customer Reviews

Many people suggest textbooks to solidify the information in your brain, but the boncho study cards make it so much easier and less over-whelming to study! As someone with adhd, these cards are definitely an essential!
- by Emily McGimps****.
Highly recommended is an understatement! As a first-year acupuncture student, I feel beyond grateful to have been introduced to Boncho Friends early on in my education. What initially enticed my eye was the adorable icons and characters. As a child, I grew up collecting Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh cards, and these images immediately had an innate, nostalgic allure to them. The content is organized in a digestible and simple manner, which makes studying fun and intrinsically valuable. I now address each acupuncture point and single herb as a new buddy that I have the opportunity to deepen in relationship with. I find that the Boncho Friends cards are a valuable way to make a personal connection with the medicine. Not only do I personally echo these sentiments, as my entire cohort invested in at least two sets of the Boncho cards as well!  
Boncho Friends have gone above and beyond to accommodate my cohort and I. Their customer service is unmatched, and dedication to the medicine is palpable. I just realized that the herbs selection is tailored towards the board exams for CA or NCCAOM. I know this is reiterated on the website and box, however this remained ambiguous for my peers and I to realize as we are fledglings in our learning process. Therefore, a clear distinction on the website would be valuable to those who are students!
- by Hanak****.
The Acupuncture study cards deck are extremely helpful to continue to solidify my learning. I love keeping these cards in the car & use them on-the-go so that I don't have to take tons of books with me everywhere I go. My only complaint is that the icon cards do not list everything that is on some of the study cards. I have a couple cards with icons that I have no idea what they mean. It is not as intuitive as I had hoped as far as explaining the study cards. There are a few cards with funny doctor names, but those are pointless. I'd rather have a little sheet that explains what ALL the icons mean. I also have the diagnosis digital deck & like it so far, but have not dove into those much yet. I will definitely be using these to study for boards & comps!
- by Jennife****. 
One can see a great deal of thought and passion is put into the development of the Bonchofriends study cards. The graphics, attention to detail of the characters and information and manner in which it is presented exceeds other study cards I have purchased. I highly recommend considering their products.
- by Lesli*****. 
These cards are amazing they help me have better recognition of the subject I am studying.
- by Kristinag****. 
Wow!!! These are amazing. I know I purchased the actual Acupuncture & Herbology Sets to study, but I may end up using the Digital Sets much more given the ease of accessing them from my laptop and phone without having to carry around the actual Cards. I still like having the actual Cards since I’m a little old-school, but I just wanted to drop a line and say “THANK YOU” for creating these. These will definitely increase my study time since they’re easy to access from anywhere especially when I don’t have the actual Cards with me, like gaps between classes, traveling, and any extra time I have away from my Card Sets. I can’t thank you enough…
- by F. Lou****.
There are no other cards or apps like what you guys are making! These cards will make learning so much fun and doable in school.
- by luckyday20****
where have you been so long I should have used it sooner. Great, would be to briefly explain how the Dui Yao work... Very lovingly designed, you can color in the pages and there is also a small quiz. Digitally, you can make as many printouts as you need. I really enjoy it, it is so, very nice to look at.
- by Tien Chau Nguy****.
I'm a visual learner and this help me so much memorizing each formula. Icons were especially helpful!!!! Great job you guys!
- by Jenbunn****.
This Dui Yao chart was the cutest! Loved how it matched the Valentine's theme as well. Extra kuddos for creativity! (:
- by Diane Joy Glia****.
You guys have done such a great job!! Single herb cards really helped me pass the nccaom Chinese herbology board!!!! Thank you!!!!
- by Indianagi****.
These cards were a lifesaver for my midterm and board exam! I had a difficult time trying to grasp the material from the textbook and reading materials, but with these cards, I was able to learn the information much faster and with greater ease. I would highly recommend these cards to anyone looking for a quick and easy way to study for their exams!
- by Victoria****.
The 271 Herbs Deck is an amazing study tool for visual learners like me. The cards are concise and easy to understand, and the beautiful visuals help me to learn and remember the material. They have been a lifesaver as I prepare for my upcoming test, and I'm sure they'll help me pass. I'm so grateful to have this resource - Thank you!!!
- by Cryst****.