Boncho School

Boncho School

Hi friends! Our goal has always been to provide the best value for those who have supported us, and to help everyone learn acupuncture and herbs more easily. That’s why we decided to open the access to Boncho School to everyone for life. This was not an easy decision. In reality it does take a lot of work and finances to provide these things. However, thanks to the tremendous support of you who purchased our products, we have the opportunity to open up Boncho School to everyone.

Boncho School is a comic based educational platform with free updates with up to date information, quizzes and tests. We hope that everyone in the acupuncture field can benefit from this and we are thrilled to share with you all what we have to show you!

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Thank you for your tremendous support! If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. 



Isaac and Bora

Boncho Team 

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