3 Acupuncture Points that calm Spirit! (Acupuncture Points for Anxiety)

3 Acupuncture Points that calm Spirit! (Acupuncture Points for Anxiety)

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Did you know that in Chinese, the character "shèn" (神 - 신) signifies spirit or deity? It's like envisioning lightning descending onto an altar, representing the essence of the spirit.


Today, let's explore three acupuncture points that are renowned for their ability to calm the spirit, each incorporating the Chinese character "shèn" (神 - 신) in their names.

1. GB 13 (běn shén - 本神 - 본신): Located delicately on the forehead, GB 13 is translated as the "Root Deity." It holds profound significance in soothing the spirit, dispelling Wind, and alleviating Phlegm. This point is renowned for its capacity to ease conditions like epilepsy, headache, insomnia, and vertigo.

2. HT 7 (shén mén - 神門 - 신문): Translated as the "Deity Gate," HT 7 resides at the ulnar end of the wrist's transverse crease. It's a pivotal point for regulating Heart, Blood, and Qi, offering relief from symptoms such as amnesia, insomnia, palpitations, and hysteria.

3. DU 24 (shén tíng - 神庭 - 신정): Positioned at the crossing point of the DU Vessel with the Urinary Bladder and Stomach Meridians, DU 24, also translated as the "Deity Courtyard," serves as a nexus of calmness. It gently soothes anxiety, headaches, insomnia, and vertigo, offering solace to the restless mind.


These acupuncture points not only have the power to calm the spirit but also reflect their essence in their names, embodying the holistic approach of traditional Chinese medicine!

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