Boncho News: Summer 2023

Boncho News: Summer 2023


Hey everyone!

For those who pre ordered our products, we offered a membership to our upcoming Boncho School. We have been working on it for months but midway we found a better solution and after lots of discussions we decided to start again from scratch on a new platform called Mighty Networks. This web app works on web browsers, ios apps, and android apps, providing a more flexible way to access our content. It works great and we can't wait to show you!

Initially our plan was to provide our pre-order customers the bonus perk of up to 5 years access as a member for our Boncho School. However with the new platform we decided to make major changes to that bonus.

Our goal has always been to provide the best value for those who have supported us, and to help everyone learn acupuncture and herbs more easily. That's why we decided to open the access to Boncho School to everyone for life. This was not an easy decision. In reality it does take a lot of work and finances to provide these things. However, thanks to the tremendous support of you who purchased our products, we have the opportunity to open up Boncho School to everyone. 

Boncho School will be a comic based educational platform with free updates with up to date information, quizzes and tests. We hope that everyone in the acupuncture field can benefit from this and we are thrilled to share with you all what we have to show you.

As for our promise to those who pre-ordered, you will also have lifetime access to Boncho School. However because we made a promise to give you a bonus, we planned out an even better bonus for you all!

You will now have lifetime access to the most updated versions of the study cards you have purchased in digital form! You will be able to view the cards on your web browser, any android device, and any ios devices! Now you can study with our cards digitally and physically! Hopefully this can help you with your studies even more. We will provide more details on how to access the digital study cards soon so please stay tuned!

Our study cards coming in digital forms!

Access to Boncho School will be starting soon, so if you want to be the first to receive access, we will be sending the invite link via our email newsletter, so be sure to sign up and watch out for the invite link!

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