Going Over What's in the Herbology Deck

Going Over What's in the Herbology Deck

Hi friends! 🌿✨

Our Herbology Deck includes all the essential herbs and formulas specifically listed for the California Acupuncture License Exam (CALE) and the NCCAOM Chinese Herbology Exam.

*Please note that we’ve tailored our deck to these exam lists, so you might not see every herb and formula covered in your school.

💙To make your learning journey easier, we’ve organized the deck into four main sections:
1️⃣Single Herb Cards
2️⃣Herb Category Icon Cards
3️⃣Herbal Formula Cards
4️⃣Formula Category Icon Cards

We know that memorizing countless herbs and formulas can be overwhelming. That’s why we designed this deck with intuitive icons to make learning about Chinese herbology simple, fun, and easy. 🌱

🤓Fun fact: Our brains naturally gravitate towards symbols—they act as powerful visual anchors that enhance memory retention!

Research from the University of Waterloo highlights that symbols are more easily remembered than words with the same meaning. They provide concrete visuals for abstract concepts, making them inherently more memorable. Their distinctiveness ensures that key concepts stay ingrained in your memory long after study sessions end.

As Brady Roberts, lead author and PhD candidate in Cognitive Neuroscience, states: “Symbols might be more easily remembered because they give concrete visuals to abstract ideas.”

📝Reference: Neuroscience News

Using symbols helps you quickly grasp concepts, facilitating faster comprehension and retention. Instead of constantly reading text, let the symbols guide you through the material, making your study sessions more efficient and enjoyable.

Our goal is to help you not only ace your exams but also to embrace the wonderful world of herbs and understand how they contribute to health and happiness. Herbs are incredible friends, and through this deck, we hope to inspire you to explore their benefits more deeply!

We enjoyed creating this deck and hope it becomes a valuable resource for you🥰🌿💕

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