Ba Zhen Tang Patient (Ba Zhen Tang)


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Ba Zhen Tang Patient

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☕️Ba Zhen Tang (Eight Treasures Decoction)


Spleen Qi And Liver Blood Deficiency


Tonify Qi and Blood


Pale or sallow complexion, palpitations with anxiety that may be continuous, reduced appetite, shortness of breath, laconic speech, extremities that are easily fatigued, lightheadedness and/or vertigo


1. Contraindicated during the early stages of acute illness such as cold and flu, or during an acute infection 

2. Patients with heat or excess conditions


Jun: Ren Shen (6-9g)

Jun: Shu Di Huang (15-18g)

Chen: Bai Zhu (9-12g)

Chen: Fu Ling (12-15g)

Chen: Dang Gui (12-15g)

Chen: Bai Shao (12-15g)

Zuo: Zhi Gan Cao (3-6g)

Zuo: Chuan Xiong (6-9g)


Grind the herbs into a coarse powder and prepare a draft by boiling 9g of Sheng Jiang and 1 piece of Da Zao.

⭐️This formula is a combination of Si Jun Zi Tang and Si Wu Tang.

🗂️Category: Formulas that Tonify

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