Ba Zheng San Patient (Ba Zheng San)

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Ba Zheng San Patient


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Ba Zheng San (Eight Herb Powder For Rectification)


Damp-Heat In Lower Jiao Causing Heat in Qi Level (Xue Lin). UTI


1. Clear Heat

2. Drains fire

3. Promotes urination

4. Unblocks painful urinary dribbling


Dark, turbid, scanty, difficult, and painful urination, a dry mouth and throat.


1. Long term use.

2. Weak or pregnant patients.


Jun: Qu Mai (6-12g)

Jun: Bian Xu (6-12g)

Chen: Hua Shi (12-30g)

Chen: Che Qian Zi (9-15g)

Chen: Mu Tong (3-6g)

Zuo: Zhi Zi (3-9g)

Zuo: Da Huang (6-9g)

Shi: Deng Xin Cao (3-6g)

Shi: Zhi Gan Cao (3-9g)



Grind equal amounts of the herbs into a powder and take as a draft in 9g doses with Deng Xin Xao.

⭐️This formula is a standard formula for UTI problems; especially Yang type UTI.

🗂️Category: Formulas that Expel Damp

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