Master Huang Qi (Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang)

😎 Introducing Boncho Character!
- Master Huang Qi can tonify spleen, benefit Qi, and raise Yang Qi!

☯️ Bu Zhong Yi Qi Tang (Tonify the Middle and Augment the Qi Decoction)

Sunken Spleen Qi with Possible Organ Prolapse, Cannot Control Blood
- Fever, spontaneous sweating, thirst (prefers warm drinks), weak voice, exhausted limbs and body, pale face, loose stools, chronic diarrhea, prolapsed organs.

1. Tonify Middle Jiao
2. Benefit Qi
3. Raise the Sunken Qi

🚨C/I: Yin Deficiency Heat

💗Tongue & Pulse:
Pale Tongue, Thing White Coating
Flooding, Deficient, Rootless at middle position on the right

Huang Qi - Tonifies Spleen, Raises Yang to reat prolapse
Ren Shen - Strongly tonifies the Zheng Qi
Bai Zhu - Tonifies Spleen, dries damp
Zhi Gan Cao - Strengthen Spleen, moderates the middle jiao
Dang Gui - Tonifies Blood
Chen Pi - Regulates Qi
Sheng Ma - Raises Yang Qi, counters prolapse
Chai Hu - Raises Yang Qi, counters prolapse

-Find it inside 83 and 162 Formulas Deck💗
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