🗺️ Boncho Road Map - Updates

 🗺️Boncho Friends ROAD MAP Updates🗺️

⦿ 271 Single Herbs (2nd Ed): Released on October 31st 2022 ✔️
⦿ 83 Formulas for CALE (2nd Ed): Estimated Release Date in November 30th 2022 
⦿ 162 Formulas for NCCAOM: Estimated Release Date in December 2022
***IMPORTANT*** For those of you who already purchased the part 1 and were waiting for the part 2, please email us to receive a direct link with a special discount code applied. You will essentially be paying for what originally was going to be for part 2 (79 Formulas), but you will get all 162 formulas in one box. Secure your spot before the pre-order ends!
⦿ 361 Points Deck: Estimated Release TBD


⦿ Boncho TV: Coming soon on YouTube → We want to share products and services of fellow acupuncturists around the world in order to raise awareness among students of TCM that there are many ways to utilize their knowledge within the industry. We also think this will help practitioners who are just starting out and running a business for the first time!

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Feel free to reach out to us!  Email: info@bonchofriends.com

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