2024 Boncho Ambassadors

2024 Boncho Ambassadors


2024 Boncho Ambassadors

Thank you everyone who applied for the 2024 Boncho Ambassador program!

We don’t think that students and practitioners of our field receive enough praise and support for the amount of work and effort they put into helping others become healthier and happier!

That’s why every year we choose Boncho Ambassadors to help shine a light on the students and practitioners pursuing a career that is so beneficial to humanity!

Unlike traditional “brand ambassadors”, we aren’t here to choose the candidate who can best “represent” our company, but rather our goal is to help you and shine a light on the hard work and effort YOU put into this amazing medical field!

That’s why once selected, our “ambassadors” are not required to do any marketing or promotions of our products! Rather, this program is our special way of giving back to our community!

We would have loved to have ALL of our applicants to become ambassadors and provide you with our tools to support you on your journey, but unfortunately we could only choose 2 candidates out of all the applicants.

Every applicant had a passionate story and amazing ideas on how to advance Acupuncture around the world! It was a TOUGH decision, but this year we decided to choose Mina Wasson and Lauren Reiners for their amazing story and passion for Acupuncture and Herbology!

Again, thank you everyone for applying and showing us your passion for Acupuncture! It’s amazing to see the enthusiasm, love and passion from all of you! We think the future of Acupuncture is getting brighter every year! We will work everyday to help you help others become healthier and happier! Thank you everyone!!!

Bora and Isaac

2024 Boncho Ambassadors


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