A Symphony of Flavors: Part 4 of the Thanksgiving Spice Series

A Symphony of Flavors: Part 4 of the Thanksgiving Spice Series


Hi friends!🍂✨ Welcome back to the flavorful world of '10 Herbs and Spices to Use for Thanksgiving'! In this installment, we're unraveling the essence of two culinary maestros: Bay Leaf (Yue Gui Shu Ye) and Parsley (Ou Qin). As we continue our aromatic journey, these herbs promise to bring a symphony of flavors and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) wisdom to your Thanksgiving table. Let's dive into the unique qualities of Bay Leaf and Parsley! 🌿✨

Bay Leaf (Yue Gui Shu Ye) in TCM:

In the realm of TCM, Bay Leaf is known as Yue Gui Shu Ye. Imagine a herb that emanates warmth, boasting a bitter and acrid taste that gracefully enters the lung and stomach channels. Let's explore its melodious functions:

  1. Calm Stomach: Bay Leaf becomes a soothing melody for the stomach, offering relief from digestive discomfort during your Thanksgiving feast.

  2. Calm Lungs: Embracing the crisp autumn air, Bay Leaf harmonizes with the lungs, promoting respiratory well-being.

  3. Dispel Damp: Like a gentle breeze, Bay Leaf helps to dispel dampness, contributing to an overall sense of comfort.

  4. Calm Shen (Mind): Bay Leaf extends its calming influence to the Shen, bringing tranquility to your Thanksgiving celebration.

Parsley (Ou Qin) in TCM:

In TCM, Parsley is known as Ou Qin. Picture a herb with a slightly warm nature, boasting an intriguing combination of acrid, bitter, and salty tastes. Parsley elegantly enters the kidney, stomach, and urinary bladder channels. Let's uncover its harmonious functions:

  1. Tonify Xue (Blood): Parsley takes center stage in tonifying Xue, offering support for blood health during your festive celebration.

  2. Promote Digestion: A culinary virtuoso, Parsley supports efficient digestion, enhancing the enjoyment of your Thanksgiving feast.

  3. Unblock Stagnation: Parsley's dynamic qualities help to unblock stagnation, ensuring a harmonious flow of energy.

  4. Regulate Qi (Energy): With its presence in the kidney and stomach channels, Parsley contributes to the regulation of Qi, promoting overall energy balance.

  5. Dispel Shi (Damp), Resolve Toxins, and Warm Middle Jiao: Parsley unfolds a multifaceted performance, addressing dampness, toxins, and offering warmth to the middle jiao.

However, a word of caution: When using parsley, large doses can stimulate uterine contractions in pregnant women, so it's advised not to use for pregnant women. Large doses can also increase blood clotting and may interfere with blood-thinning medications.


As you embrace the culinary symphony of Bay Leaf and Parsley, let the aromatic notes enhance your Thanksgiving celebration. Stay tuned for the next harmonious revelations, where we'll uncover the essence of two more herbs in the next post. 🌿✨

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