ALL NEW! 271 Herbs Deck Card Design, Box Design!

Hi friends, thank you so much for pre-ordering 271 Single Herbs new edition!
All cards are now in one rigid box for ease of access and added protection.



Card Design: Background image of herb is enlarged and now covers the top borders of the card. Other side of the card now has image of the herb so that you can test yourself of the content from memory.

Icon Design: Cold and cool icons are now represented by squares rather than diamonds to give more contrast from the triangle used in hot and warm. Category icons are now all black and white to make them neutral.Icon designs are now more sleek and clean. Certain categories are updated to simplify and standardize the design language.

We'll be closing the pre-order page on 10.15.2022!

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Pre-Order Ends 10/15
October 31st, 2022

[ Pre-Order Closed ]



For those of you who want to get the single herbs, formulas and Boncho Icon Pack all together, we have Bundle Set Pre-order pages ready!


CALE Bundle Set Pre-Order Available Now!
Estimated Shipping Date: In November 2022
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NCCAOM Bundle Set Pre-Order Available Now!
Estimated Shipping Date: In December 2022
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