Diagnosis Deck

Diagnosis Deck


Introducing the Diagnosis Deck - a must-have for TCM students and practitioners essential tool for mastering TCM through differential diagnosis. Take advantage of our exclusive early bird special.


  • Comprehensive Content:

    • Thoroughly covers the differential diagnosis of TCM.
    • Ideal for both students and practitioners seeking a comprehensive review.
  • Visual Learning Aid:
    • Visually engaging cards with intuitively designed icons for effective learning.
    • Illustrations to enhance understanding.

  • Convenient and Portable:

    • Compact deck for easy reference anywhere, anytime.
    • Perfect for study sessions, clinic work, or on-the-go learning.

Why get the Diagnosis Deck?

  • Build a Strong Base:

    • Build a solid foundation in TCM differential diagnosis.
      • Strengthen your knowledge to excel in your studies or TCM practice.
    • Enhance Clinical Practice:

      • Gain insights that will positively impact your clinical approach.
      • Improve diagnostic skills and treatment strategies.
    • Lifetime Digital Access:
      • Enjoy lifetime digital access alongside your physical card purchase.

      Primary Resources:

      • Developed using "The Foundations of Chinese Medicine: A Comprehensive, 3rd Edition" by Giovanni Maciocia and utilized insights from "Practical Diagnosis in Traditional Chinese Medicine" by Deng, Tietao.
        • Recommended books as a primary resource in the NCCAOM Foundations portion of Oriental Medicine content.
        The Six Evils Trading Card Game Starter Deck:
          • A TCM based card game using actual TCM patterns and symptoms.

        Estimated Shipping Date: Spring 2024

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