Exciting Updates on Acupuncture Set & Complete Set!

Exciting Updates on Acupuncture Set & Complete Set!

Hi Friends,

We hope you're as excited as we are about the updates to our acupuncture set and complete set! We've made some major changes to the card specs to give you more value, and have added some bonus cards such as internal medicine point cards and big picture cards to make it easier for you to carry them around in your pocket and review them whenever you need. The color-coded cards will help you visualize the Five Shu Points and each element point of 12 meridians. Each card includes important characteristics such as mother/child point, Yuan Source point, Five Shu Points, and more in simplified icon form, making it easier for you to memorize the information at a much faster pace. Just like Boncho Icons Herb Theory cards, Boncho Icons Acupuncture theory cards will help you remember, organize, and visualize the complicated TCM concept Also we included some sample pages for Chinese Character Companion Book!
Explore the images provided below to learn more about themWe're sure you'll be satisfied with the product you receive. If you have any questions or concerns, please don't hesitate to reach out.
Thank you for your continued support!


Bora and Isaac


Front side includes...
  1. Visualization of the acupuncture point
  2. A color-coded border is used to illustrate the five elements of each meridian. 

     For example, the five elements of the Lung meridian are: Metal (white), Water (blue), Wood (green), Fire (red), and Earth (yellow). A border could be created using these colors to indicate the five elements of the Lung meridian.

  3. Acupuncture Point
  4. Chinese Character
  5. English name
  6. Pin Yin Name
  7. Meridian (color-coded)
  8. Special Characteristics. (Five Shu Points, Mother (+)/Child Point (-), Hui Meeting Point, Yuan Source Point, Command Point, Master Point, Sky Window Point, and more.)

Back side includes...
  1. Needle Method
  2. Needle Insertion Depth in Cun
  3. Visualization of the acupuncture points
  4. Acupuncture Location
  5. Function
  6. Indications
  7. Caution/Contraindication
  8. Boncho Icons to help you visualize the info and make it easier to remember



[ Boncho Icons Acupuncture Theory Deck ]









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