Introducing Boncho Patient

Introducing Boncho Patient

Hi friends! Meet Boncho Patient (BP), who just started working at Boncho! Boncho Patient’s job is to be sick all the time 🤒🤕😵🤧🤮.

BP works very hard every day! BP’s job is to help you understand TCM patterns in a simple, fun, and easy way 😌😉! Even though BP is always sick, he’s very happy to show what he's got 😎.

Boncho Patient will showcase over 200 TCM patterns, most importantly, TCM Patterns of the Zang Fu organs that you must know for the NCCAOM Foundations of Oriental Medicine exam! (For example, Liver Qi Stagnation, Heart Blood Deficiency, Kidney Yin Deficiency, Small Intestine Excess Heat, and more.)

These are all part of the Foundations Deck.

Not only that, but the Foundations Deck will also include over 100+ basic TCM theory cards such as:

Five Elements

Seven Emotions

Yin Organs: Five Zang

Yang Organs: Six Fu

Eight Principle (Interior/Exterior. Heat/Cold, Empty/Full, Yin/Yang)

Blood Relationship with Organs

Six Extraordinary Yang Organs

Six Qi (liù qì - 六氣)

Six Yin (liù yín - 六淫)

Six Evils (liù xié - 六邪)

Treatise on Cold Damage Diseases (shāng hán lùn)

Warm Disease Theory (wēn bìng xué)

Diagnosis by Observation: Face Chart

Diagnosis by Observation: Tongue Chart

Pulse: Nine Regions of Pulse

… And many more!!!


Click the image below to learn more about our foundations deck!
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