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Here's more to our board game patient card!

You can effectively utilize the patient cards as a valuable study tool for TCM diagnosis. By examining the patient history, tongue, and pulse, you can practice honing your diagnostic skills. Simply flip over the card to reveal the diagnosis and corresponding herbal formula. To further enhance your learning experience, take advantage of our extensive collection, which includes 162 Formulas cards and 271 single herb cards from our herbology set. With these comprehensive resources, you can deepen your understanding and broaden your knowledge.

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🤠Mr. Indiana Cones History:
After raiding the lost ark, Indiana Cones has been experiencing excruciating epigastric pain, vomiting, pulsation of the abdomen, fluid sounds from the abdomen, cold limbs, and cold sensation of chest.

👅📈Tongue & Pulse:
His tongue body is white and his pulse is slow.

Q: What’s your TCM diagnosis based on his symptoms, tongue and pulse?
👉 Cold From Deficiency with Internal Ascendance of Cold

Q: Which herbal formula is suitable for Mr. Indiana Cones and his main symptoms?
👉 Da Jian Zhong Tang


🌿 Da Jian Zhong Tang Ingredients🌿

(S) Hua Jiao (Sichuan Pepper): Smoothes Qi, stops pain, warms Middle Jiao

(M) Gan Jiang (Dried Ginger): Warm Middle Jiao, Relieve abdominal pain

(A) Ren Shen (Ginseng): Tonifies Qi and Middle Jiao

(E) Yi Tang (Maltos): Harmonize Middle Jiao, reduce pain

👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍⚕️Message from the Creators:

We believe that storytelling enhances your ability to retain information over a longer period of time in your brain 🧠

🎲 In Boncho Clinic: the Board Game, we have incorporated 18 significant herbal formulas and their corresponding TCM diagnoses. These formulas are presented through the stories of 18 diverse patients.

🥼 You will be treating 4 patients as a doctor each game. When you take a patient card, remember to read patient history, check main symptoms, and tongue & pulse!

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