Ultimate Herbology Set EARLY BIRD SPECIAL ENDS ON 9/9

Hi, friends! We hope you are having a great Labor Day weekend🥰!
Our team is in the final stage of creating our new Ultimate Herbology Set. In this comprehensive herbology set, you will find all single herbs and formulas needed for CALE, NCCAOM, and Pan-Can exams. It's the perfect choice if you are preparing for the Pan-Can herbology exam or if you simply want a broader list of herbs and formulas.
What excites us most about this new set is the addition of Latin names (also known as pharmaceutical names or scientific names), Korean names, and Chinese characters. These additions will assist our friends from various countries who are studying in English.
The Early Bird Special will be ending this weekend, so don't miss this opportunity if you've had your eye on these cards! Our study cards feature intuitive icons and designs that facilitate visual learning, making it easier for you to absorb and retain information. This visual approach enhances your overall learning experience and helps you grasp complex concepts effortlessly.
It's simple, fun, and easy🥰!
🌿 [Ultimate Herbology Set]: 630 + study cards in one box!
340 + Single Herbs Deck for CALE, NCCAOM, and PAN-CAN
290 + Herbal Formulas Deck for CALE, NCCAOM, and PAN-CAN
✨📱💻 BONUS: Digital Version- Lifetime Access on Mighty Networks
❤️ Early Bird Special: Save $200 USD
🗓️ Early Bird Special Pre-Order by 9/9/2023
🌎 Worldwide Free Shipping
🚚 Estimated shipping date: late fall or early winter 2023.
For more details about the Ultimate Bundle Set use the link below:
If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!
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