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Hi friends!

For those of you who wanted to have the full set, including the Ultimate Herbology Set (for CALE/NCCAOM/PAN-CAN) and the Acupuncture Complete Set (including 361 Points, 40 Extra Points, and acu study cards), we have something special for you🥰!

Ultimate Bundle Set includes....
📌 [Acupuncture Set] - Everything comes in one box.
- 361 Points Deck (12 Meridians, Du & Ren)
- 40 Extra Points Deck
- Boncho Icons Acu Theory Deck
- Bonus Cards (5 Shu Points, Big Picture, and Internal Medicine Cards)

🌿 [Ultimate Herbology Set] - Everything comes in one box.
- Single Herbs Deck for CALE, NCCAOM, and PAN-CAN
- Herbal Formulas Deck for CALE, NCCAOM, and PAN-CAN

✨🌿💻 Single Herb e-Coloring Books (1-5 Full Set)

✨📱💻 BONUS: Digital Version ($999 Value) - Lifetime Access on Mighty Networks

Our study cards cover a wide range of TCM concepts, including acupuncture points, herbology, and much more. You'll have all the essential information at your fingertips, saving you valuable time and effort🥰

The intuitive icons and designs on our study cards facilitate visual learning, making it easier for you to absorb and retain information. This visual approach enhances your overall learning experience and helps you grasp complex concepts effortlessly.

Our study cards are compact and lightweight, allowing you to carry them wherever you go. Whether you're studying at home, in a café, or during your commute, you can always have them by your side for quick reference!

❤️ Early Bird Special: Save $450 USD
🗓️ Early Bird Special Pre-Order by 9/9/2023.
🌎 Worldwide Free Shipping
🚚 Estimated shipping date: late fall or early winter 2023.

For more details about the Ultimate Bundle Set use the link below:
✨ https://bonchofriends.com/products/ultimate-bundle-set

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out to us at any time!

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