Frequently Asked Questions


Q: Are your study cards for TCM/EAM students and practitioners only?

A: No! Our study cards are designed to assist anyone interested in learning TCM/EAM. There are no barriers. Please also note that we have meticulously tailored our study cards to align with board exams, aimed at helping more students successfully pass these exams. (California Acupuncture License Exam, NCCAOM, and Pan-Canadian)

Q: You offer different herbology study cards. Which set is intended for which purpose?

A: The Herbology Set includes CALE and NCCAOM single herb and herbal formula lists. If you are preparing for the Pan-Canadian herbology exam, consider the Ultimate Herbology Set, which encompasses all lists for CALE/NCCAOM/Pan-Can. Essentially, if you're seeking a wider array of single herb and herbal formula cards, this option might be the ideal fit for you.

Q: Do you offer study cards for BioMed, OM Theory, and OM Diagnosis?

A: Not at the moment, but these are in our pipeline for future development!

Q: Do you offer a Veteran or Military discount?

A: Yes, we proudly offer a Veteran and Military discount. Contact our customer support (friends@bonchofriends) to learn more about the available discount options for veterans and military personnel.

Q: How have your products benefited students? I'm curious!

A: Check out this page for more insights!