The Six Evils Game: How to Play!

Let's play "Six Evils"

First choose your "Pattern" cards. These are actual TCM patterns along with their main symptoms! Patterns are divided into the "Six Evils": Fire, Cold, Wind, Damp, Summerheat, and Dry.

Pattern Cards
Pattern cards have "Symptoms" that you will have to pay attention to and win the game! (More on that later...)

(Here a a few "Pattern" Cards)

Symptom Cards
Pattern cards are what you will use to fill up the "Pattern" cards with. You will be drawing one card from a single pile, and then place them onto your corresponding "Pattern" card.

(Here are a few "Symptom" cards)

Game Set Up

Each player chooses 3 Pattern cards and place them in front of them. (You can play with as many people you want, as long as everyone can get 3 pattern cards)
Shuffle and place all the Symptom cards into a pile and place it where all players can draw from.

(Here's a 1 vs 1 situation)

(Here's a 1 vs 1 vs 1 situation)


Everyone now starts to draw one card from the deck
There is no order or turns, so anyone can keep drawing from the deck. However you can only have ONE symptom card in your hand at all times. In order to draw another symptom card you have to place them on a corresponding Pattern card or discard them.

(Draw only ONE card from the Symptom card pile at a time)


(You can only hold onto ONE card at a time)

(Now that you have a Symptom card, try to find a Pattern card with that exact Symptom!)

(If you cannot place your Symptom card onto any of your Pattern cards, you can discard them and draw a new Symptom card)


How to Win!

The first person who finishes the completes the list of their Symptoms on their Pattern cards wins!


We hope you enjoy the game and learn more about TCM patterns and symptoms along the way!