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271 Herbs Deck

271 Herbs Deck

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The Plus Size Edition is available in the Herbology Set.

Each card includes front and back side!


  1. Single herb category icon: Quickly identify the herb's category.
  2. Pin Yin: Chinese phonetic transcription of the herb's name.
  3. English name: Herb's name in English.
  4. Herb character: Hand-drawn character representing the herb.
  5. Dosage: Recommended dosage or usage instructions.
  6. Functions: Uncover the primary therapeutic functions and benefits of the herb.
  7. Caution and contraindications: Essential information regarding potential risks or limitations.
  8. Boncho icons: Symbolic representations of taste, channels, and other relevant herb properties.

With all these details at your disposal on the front side of each single herb card, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of each herb.


  • Herb Character and more!


  • Shorten the studying time for acupuncture students who are preparing for the Board Exam. 
  • Simple, easy, and fun way to carry them around with you anywhere!

271 Single Herbs Includes...

  • Tonify Yang (17 herbs)
  • Regulate Blood Invigorate Blood (18 herbs)
  • Drain Damp (19 herbs)
  • Warm Acrid Acrid Surface Releasing (13 herbs)
  • Regulate Qi (15 herbs)
  • Clear Heat Relieve Toxicity (16 herbs)
  • Cool Acrid Surface Releasing (11 herbs)
  • Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors (6 herbs)
  • Warm Interior Expel Cold (11 herbs)
  • Tonify Yin (12 herbs)
  • Regulate Blood Stop Bleeding (13 herbs)
  • Tonify Qi (13 herbs)
  • Transform Phlegm Warm Herb (6 herbs)
  • Aromatic Transform Damp (7 herbs)
  • Transform Phlegm Cough Wheezing (7 herbs)
  • Clear Heat Drain Fire (8 herbs)
  • Tonify Blood (8 herbs)
  • Transform Phlegm Cool Herb (9 herbs)
  • Dispel Wind Damp (10 herbs)
  • Stabilize and Bind (16 herbs)
  • Downward Draining Moist Laxative (1 herb)
  • External Application (1 herb)
  • Aromatic Open Orifice (2 herbs)
  • Clear Heat from Deficiency (3 herbs)
  • Calm Spirit (4 herbs)
  • Clear heat Cool Blood (4 herbs)
  • Downward Draining Purgative (4 herbs)
  • Nourish Heart Calm Spirit (5 herbs)
  • Clear Heat Dry Damp (6 herbs)
  • Remove Food Stagnation (6 herbs)

*271 single herbs list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM. Reference: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Bensky.

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These cards are for secondary educational purposes only. These cards are meant for reference purposes only. Please refer to textbook resources for the most accurate information. 
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