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Boncho Friends

Complete Set for CALE & NCCAOM (Acupuncture Set & Herbology Set)

Complete Set for CALE & NCCAOM (Acupuncture Set & Herbology Set)

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Please make sure to choose the right option between PLUS SIZE and REGULAR SIZE

To compare sizes, please watch the size comparison video here (Acupuncture) and here (Herbology). 

***Please note that the estimated fulfillment time is around 2 - 3 weeks.***

Welcome to the world of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine study cards! Our comprehensive collection of study cards is designed to make it easy and convenient for you to learn all the basics of Acupuncture and Herbal Medicine. Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced student, our cards provide an effective way to review, practice, and master the fundamentals of acupuncture and herbal medicine. Each card features detailed illustrations and descriptions of acupuncture points, herbs, herbal formulas, as well as their uses and applications. With over 900 different cards in the set, you'll have plenty of options to choose from. And our color-coded system makes it simple to organize and fun to use. Take your acupuncture and herbal medicine studies to the next level with our study cards! Investing in our cards is an affordable way to ensure that you get the most out of your learning experiences. Get yours today and start mastering the art of acupuncture and herbal medicine!

Acupuncture & Herbology Complete Sets include....

    • Acupuncture Set - All Decks Come in One Box 

      • 361 Points Deck (12 Meridians, Du & Ren)
      • 40 EX Points Deck
      • Boncho Icons Acupuncture Theory Deck
    * Acupuncture Set (Regular Size) and (Plus Size) include the same contents. This picture is showing the regular size. 
    Front side includes...
    1. Visualization of the acupuncture point
    2. A color-coded border is used to illustrate the five elements of each meridian. 

       For example, the five elements of the Lung meridian are: Metal (white), Water (blue), Wood (green), Fire (red), and Earth (yellow). A border could be created using these colors to indicate the five elements of the Lung meridian.

    3. Acupuncture Point
    4. Chinese Character
    5. English Name
    6. Pin Yin Name
    7. Meridian (color-coded)
    8. Special Characteristics. (Five Shu Points, Mother (+)/Child Point (-), Hui Meeting Point, Yuan Source Point, Command Point, Master Point, Sky Window Point, and more.)
    9. NEW: Korean Name
    Back side includes...
    1. Needle Method
    2. Needle Insertion Depth in Cun
    3. Visualization of the acupuncture points
    4. Acupuncture Location
    5. Function
    6. Indications
    7. Caution/Contraindication
    8. Boncho Icons to help you visualize the info and make it easier to remember.


    [ Boncho Icons Acupuncture Theory Deck ]



    • Herbology Set (For CALE & NCCAOM) - All Decks Come in One Box 

        • 272 Herbs Deck 
        • 162 Formulas deck 
        • Boncho Icons Herb Theory Deck
    * Herbology Set (Regular Size) and (Plus Size) include the same contents. This picture is showing the regular size. 
    • 271 Herbs Deck (for CALE and NCCAOM)

      • Front
        1. Single herb category icon: Quickly identify the herb's category.
        2. Pin Yin: Chinese phonetic transcription of the herb's name.
        3. English name: Herb's name in English.
        4. Herb character: Hand-drawn character representing the herb.
        5. Dosage: Recommended dosage or usage instructions.
        6. Functions: Uncover the primary therapeutic functions and benefits of the herb.
        7. Caution and contraindications: Essential information regarding potential risks or limitations.
        8. Boncho icons: Symbolic representations of taste, channels, and other relevant herb properties.
        9. License exam labels



    With all these details at your disposal on the front side of each single herb card, you'll gain a comprehensive understanding of each herb.
      •  Back - Herb Character
    boncho friends, TCM single herbs, Bai Mao Gen, study cards for acupuncture students. collectible, cards
    • 162 Formulas Deck (for CALE and NCCAOM)

      • Front
    Pinyin Name
    English Name
    NEW: Chinese Characters
    NEW: Korean Name
    Formula Type in Icon (Liquid/Powder/Pills)
    Category Icon
    Formula Cartoon to Help with Memorization
    Caution and Contraindications
    Tongue & Pulse
      • Back
    Formula ingredients with grams
    Herb characters
    Category icons
    Temperature icons
    - Jun (Sovereign) / Chen (Minister) / Zuo (Assistant) / Shi (Envoy)


    • Boncho Icons Herb Theory Deck
      • Boncho Icons 16  Formula Categories: 
       Front: Category Icon & Category Information
      → Back: formula list 
        • Boncho Icons 30 Herb Categories: 
       Front: Category Icon & Category Information
      → Back: herb list
        • 3 Herb Characteristic Cards:
      → Taste & Taste Icon Card
       Temperature & Temperature Icon Card
      → Hierarchy & Formulation Method Card
      See how you can use the Boncho Icons Herb Theory Cards [HERE]

      Benefits of Using Herbology Set Study Cards

        • Shorten the studying time for TCM/EAM students who are preparing for the Board Exam. 
        • Great review set for practitioners who want to brush up TCM herbology. 
        • Simple, easy, and fun way to carry them around with you anywhere!
      • Single Herb Coloring e-Books (1- 5 Full Set) 

      👨🏻‍🌾👩🏻‍⚕️ Message from Bora and Isaac:

      There have been a lot of people who have been enjoying the digital version of our study cards, so we decided to continue giving out the lifetime access to the digital versions indefinitely to anyone who purchases our physical study cards! We want to thank all of you supporting us on our journey, and we think this is the right decision in moving forward!

      Please make sure to choose the right option between PLUS SIZE and REGULAR SIZE

      *162 Formulas list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM.  *272 single herbs list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM. 

      *Reference: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Bensky. Chinese Herbal Medicine, Formulas & Strategies, Bensky.  Chinese Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 3rd ed. Cheng, Xinnong. A Manual of Acupuncture. 2nd ed. Deadman, Peter
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      These cards are for secondary educational purposes only. Please refer to the source materials for the most accurate information. 
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