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Learn Traditional Chinese Medicine the Fun Way: The Story Behind TCM Games


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is an amazing medicine, but studying it can feel like learning a completely new language.

This was our experience, even with our Asian backgrounds. The complexities and depth of TCM left us wishing for tools that could simplify these ideas and make them accessible in our daily lives.

That's when the idea for TCM games was born. We envisioned creating engaging board games that would make learning TCM fun and interactive. Our goal was to transform the way people learn about TCM, making it easier and more enjoyable to understand these ancient concepts.

Why TCM Games?

  • Simplified Learning: Our games break down complex Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) ideas into easy-to-understand concepts. Each game is designed with clear instructions and educational components that make the intricate principles of TCM accessible to everyone, regardless of their background knowledge.

  • Interactive Fun: Learning through play keeps you engaged and helps you retain information better. Our games are crafted to be both educational and entertaining, ensuring that players of all ages stay interested and motivated. The interactive nature of the games encourages active participation, critical thinking, and problem-solving.
  • Cultural Connection: Our games offer a unique way to connect with the rich heritage of Traditional Chinese Medicine. By integrating TCM principles into gameplay, we provide an immersive experience that highlights the cultural significance and historical context of TCM practices. This connection not only enhances learning but also fosters an appreciation for the tradition.
  • Quality Time with Family and Friends: Enjoy the game with family and friends. Our TCM games are designed to be enjoyed in a group setting, making them perfect for family game nights, gatherings with friends, or educational settings. Playing these games together strengthens bonds, encourages teamwork, and creates memorable experiences. Whether you’re a TCM enthusiast or a casual learner, these games are a great way to share knowledge and fun with your loved ones.

Summer Clearance Sale (Shop by July 2nd and take 20% OFF)

This summer, we're excited to offer a Summer Clearance Sale on our bundle game set (Oheng! Five Elements Card Game and Boncho Clinic: The Board Game)!

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And that's not all! The Bundle Game Set comes with a bonus game deck: Six Evils Card Game: Heat and Cold Deck. This additional game is a fantastic way to deepen your understanding of TCM concepts while having a blast. Don't miss out on this fantastic discount and the chance to get more value with your purchase.
Don't miss out on this fantastic discount.

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Join us on this journey to make learning TCM a delightful experience. 

Happy Learning!

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