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Single Herbs Coloring e-Book 3

Single Herbs Coloring e-Book 3

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Single Herbs Book 3 (Digital Download - Printable)

5 Categories, Total 55 herbs 

  • Extinguish Wind Stop Tremors (6)
  • Warm Interior Expel Cold (11)
  • Tonify Yin (12)
  • Regulate Blood Stop Bleeding (13)
  • Tonify Qi (13)

You can color below items on each page

  • Herb Character
  • Pin Yin Name
  • Chinese Character
  • English Name
  • Pharmaceutical Name
  • Category
  • Temperature
  • Taste
  • Channel
  • Characteristic
  • Function
  • Caution and Contraindication


  • Pop Quiz and Answer
  • Workbook Pages


* Single herbs list is directly from The Chinese Herbology Content Outline, NCCAOM. Reference: Chinese Herbal Medicine Materia Medica, 3rd Edition, Bensky.

*This coloring book is for secondary educational purposes only. This coloring book is meant for reference purposes only. Please refer to textbook resources for the most accurate information. 

*All digital Download sales are final.

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