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Mix and Match - Pick 3 Decks

Mix and Match - Pick 3 Decks

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  • Pick 3 Decks: "Variety Pack" – Experience a well-rounded learning approach with three decks. Ideal for those wanting a broader scope in their study material. (Save up to $200)

Frequently Asked Questions:
Q: Do I get lifetime access to the digital versions if I purchase a Mix and Match option?
A: Yes! When you purchase any of our Mix and Match bundles, you will receive lifetime access to the digital versions. You will be sent a private invitation link via email. Please contact us at if you do not receive the link within 3-5 business days after your purchase. 

Q: Is there a plus-size option available for the Mix and Match?
A: Unfortunately, the plus-size option is not available for our Mix and Match bundles.

Q: I want to learn more about your study cards before making a big purchase. Where can I find more information?

A: Great question! Here are several ways to learn more about our study cards:

  • Visit the Product Page: Each deck has its own detailed description on our product page here. You can find comprehensive information about what each deck offers. 
  • Watch Our YouTube Playlist: Check out our YouTube playlist to see videos about our study cards in action. Watch here: YouTube Playlist.
  • Read Product Reviews: Customer feedback can be incredibly helpful. You can read reviews under each product or visit our customer review page here.
  • Follow Us on Instagram (@bonchofriends): Stay updated and see tips on how to use our study cards by following us on Instagram.

For any additional questions, feel free to contact us here. We’re here to help!

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